Screen orientation

As you probably know, Windows Mobile 5.0 has built in support for dynamically changing the screen orientation (e.g. portrait and landscape). For instance if you open the keyboard on the i-mate K-Jam (or the Qtec model) the screen automatically changes to landscape.

To accomodate this in a program (i.e. perform layout-changes to better suit the orientation) you can check the Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.SystemSettings.ScreenOrientation property. Angle0 is portrait, and Angle270 is landscape. The best place is in the Form_Resize event. 


private void Form1_Resize(object sender, EventArgs e)
   if (Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.SystemSettings.ScreenOrientation == Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.ScreenOrientation.Angle0)   
{ TextBox1.Width = 240; }
else //Landscape:
{  TextBox1.Width = 320; }


Tip: To flip the Emulator in Visual Studio, you must first select the Form you are editing (use the Document Outline view if it is covered). Then right click the Form or the Emulator skin and select Rotate Left in the menu.


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