Testing with localized versions of Windows Mobile

For testing purposes it is very useful to be able to run your program on different language versions of Windows Mobile. Luckily you don’t have to buy different physical devices, just change the OS image in the emulator.

To do this start by downloading the images (note: there are different images for smartphones). After downloading the MSI files simply install them as normal, and the new OS will appear in the Device List with the 3 letter abbreviation as a prefix.

Unfortunately it installs 8 different devices (items in the list) for each language, and if you plan to install a lot of different languages this can be annoying. Another way to change the OS is to simply use the image binary itself. The binary is located at <path where you installed the image>/Deviceemulation/0414/ the one you probably want is called PPC_xxx.bin (xxx = language code) (to get it – either extract it from the MSI or install, get the bin then uninstall the image).

Go to the options for the emulator and select the binary in the OS Image Name textbox. After restart (and clearing state!) you are set to go!


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