Installing CF2.0 on the emulator

It’s real weird, but the localized images for the Emulator doesn’t seem to have CF2.0 installed on them. I tried to install it by using the msi installer, but it told me I already had it installed and just stopped. What about people that have two Windows Mobile devices ? Shouldn’t you be able to install the device run-time anyway?

I suspect there must be an easier way to do this, but here is what I did:

  • Start the Emulator (from Device Emulator Manager), and connect it to ActiveSync (se earlier posts if you don’t know how)
  • Copy the file to the emulator (mine was located at %program files%\Visual Studio 2005\SmartDevices\SDK\CompactFramework\2.0\v2.0\WindowsCE\
  • In the emulator, use File Explorer and click on the cab file you copied – it should then install
  • This is real important: When the installation is finished, you’ll be asked if you want to reset the device. DO NOT CLICK ON OK!
  • Click Cancel. Then in the emulator select File->Reset->Soft
  • When the emulator has booted again, it may be a good time to save the state 🙂

When I clicked on OK after the installation, the emulator apparently did a hard reset. Yes, this means that all installed programs and settings was deleted, including the Compact Framework 2.0. 🙂


3 Responses to Installing CF2.0 on the emulator

  1. TimK says:

    I was running into the same thing. I think it has to do with cradling/uncradling the emulator and activesync picking up after the reset.

    If I uncradled and recradled the emulator just after the reset, it seemed to truly just be a soft reset. The CF 2.0 was there in memory.

  2. trnilse says:

    Thanks for the tip TimK, I will try that the next time I have to update the emulator

  3. […] To manually install CF2 just follow the instructions as for setting up the emulator, only use the other cab file situated in the given directory – the one called […]

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