Windows Mobile 6

February 13, 2007

As you probably know Windows Mobile 6 has been announced, along with a new SDK. The SDK doesn’t seem to be available yet, but according to the What’s New for Developers Guide, you can use the new emulator with WM 5.0 development.

WM6 is also fully backwards-compatible (it uses Compact Framework 2.0 SP1) so any WM5 app that doesn’t use a lot of esoteric code will run just fine as it is on WM6.

edit: Turns out they dropped the .0 from the version, so while it is Windows Mobile 5.0, the new version is just Windows Mobile 6…


Installing SQL Server Compact Edition Tools for Visual Studio

February 1, 2007

Looks like there is some sort of bug with the install program for the Visual Studio Tools.  The error message says that some required component is missing, or that there is an version conflict. There is a fix for this posted at the MSDN Forums by Ginny Caughey, I’ll repeat it here:

Install sqlmobile30devtoolsenu.msi from the Visual Studio install media, located in the folder: \vs\wcu\SQLCE first. Then the CE tools will install.

I had this problem, and it was probably because I uninstalled the SQL Server Mobile Edition tools first. This seems to be a bug from Microsoft in that it requires the previous version of the database or that the uninstaller simply uninstalls too much.

The reason I uninstalled the Mobile Editon tools was because it showed up in the datasource list in Visual Studio. After installing the .msi file above, and installing the CE Tools – everything looks right in Visual Studio finally.