Navigating with the Back button in Visual Studio

December 18, 2008

I have often wanted a Back button in Visual Studio, like there is in every browser. For instance if you right click some object and select “Go To Definition” then it would be nice to be able to jump back to where you where before without setting a bookmark or similar.

Turns out there actually are a back button, it’s just not accessible from the Edit menu, you just have to get the correct toolbar visible. To get it:

  • Right click on the toolbar (any button) and select “HTML source editing
  • The back button is the first button (looks like a document and a small blue arrow (Forward is here too)

To save monitor space, the “HTML source editing” can replace the “Text Editor” toolbar if you use keyboard shortcuts for bookmarks and intellisense.

The only minus is that apparently there are no keyboard shortcut for either Back or Forward button.

Update: There are shortcuts … CTRL+- for Back (I couldn’t get forward to work) or use navigation buttons on the mouse.