You do not have permissions to debug the server

March 17, 2010

I recently moved an old Visual Studio 2003 project to a new XP machine and of course I got the infamous “You do not have permissions to debug the server” message when I started the project.

I googled around a bit for a solution but there seem to be a lot of different issues and solutions.

Anyway the solution was quite simple, this blog got me on the right track, but I think I found little twist to make it even easier (and probably safer):

In IE:

  • Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Local intranet (icon) -> Sites -> Advanced:
    Add ‘http://localhost’ to the zone (type into box and click Add)

That should be all. If it doesn’t work here are some tips:

  • Go back to Security tab, click ‘Custom Level…’
    All the way at the end of the list make sure ‘Automatic logon only in Intranet zone’ is enabled
  • Make sure the user specified in the Anonymous access tab
    (Start -> Administrative tools -> Internet Information Services -> Properties on the web application -> Directory Security -> Edit) is a member of the debuggers group
    (Start -> Administrative tools -> Computer Management -> Local Users and Groups -> Groups -> Debugger Users (right click) -> Add to Group…)